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Types of Life Insurance

1. Term Life Insurance
term life insurance is a type of insurance that guarantees within a certain time in accordance with our agreement with the insurance company.
When we have an accident or even died during the insurance period then we will receive money from the insurer in accordance with the initial agreement.
But if we run accident or die after the insurance period is exhausted then we will not get any help from insurance costs.
So when the insurance period we do not have an accident or death then our premium money is considered forfeited, but if during the insurance period is valid if we have accidents many times then the company will spend money for the treatment in accordance with the initial agreement.
The cost that we have to pay for this type of insurance services is usually not too large if compared with other types of insurance.
The cost we pay to the insurance company is not the same, depending on the respective company and the preliminary agreement.

2. Whole Life Insurance
whole life insurance or that we often with the term life insurance is a kind of protection guarantee with a long term to reach 100 years.
Today's human age is generally not up to 80 years while insurance provides a contract for 100 years, because it is then called life insurance.
There are many who use this type of insurance because of some advantages that can benefit us as a client, while the benefits include:
• We are justified to get the cash value from what we have paid to the insurance company.
• The monthly insurance fees we have paid to the insurance company will not be forfeited if during the contract period there is no accident, death or claim.
• After the contract term expires the sum insured will be given entirely to us in accordance with the initial agreement of the insurance contract agreement.
• Due to the current human age that does not reach 100 years, at least from the departure of our wife's children do not have to worry about money for their living expenses.

However, this type of insurance usually we have to spend more expensive than life insurance.

3. Dual Life Insurance (Endowment Insurance)
This type of term life insurance or endowment insurance is in accordance with its name is an insurance that has two benefits, namely as life insurance futures as well as savings. This means that you as a policyholder can get the cash value from the insurance premium you have paid in the form of sum assured if the insured dies within a certain period in accordance with the policy of the insurance policy concerned and can also withdraw the insurance policy within a certain time before the contract expires.
This type of life insurance is recommended for those who are more eager to ensure the availability of education funds for children, want to have funds for unexpected needs in the future, and want to have a larger pension fund.
The advantages of this type of life insurance are:
• As explained above, you can claim this life insurance policy before the contract expires, for example for your child's education fund. However, the withdrawal of funds can only be done once in a period of several years in accordance with the agreement that has been made.
• If for example you as the insured are still alive when the time period expires, you will get the entire sum insured.
While the shortcomings are:
• Because this type of life insurance has two benefits, which combine the benefits of term life insurance with life insurance for a lifetime, so the premium is large enough to reach millions of rupiah per month.

4. Unit Link Life Insurance
This unit-link life insurance combines insurance benefits with investments, and is most often offered by insurance agents. If you are interested in investing but do not understand about investing and want to keep your souls in benefit of death protection, you can choose this type of life insurance.

The advantages of this type of life insurance are:
• You as a policy holder not only get protection guarantee but also return on investment with high interest every year.
While the disadvantages are:
• The returns from investments are less significant when compared with pure investments such as stocks, money markets, or mutual funds. If you are looking for a big profit from investing, you should not rely on unit link life insurance.
• The sum assured to be earned is low, especially if the investment fails or only produces a small profit.

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